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Do roadtrips featuring endless rounds of "Punchbuggy," "The Name Game" and "99 Bottles of Beer" make you ache for a portable day-care center? It's time for This site strives to make cruising with kids fun, or at least somewhat tolerable. Print out cards for bingo games, find instructions for making finger-string figures, and learn how to make a cootie catcher (which should come in handy for those truckstop restrooms.) Carsick kids? They've got help for that too.

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101 Car Games
Vol. 2 No. 25 06/19/2001

That cumbersome symbol of the American family, the
minivan now has its own website. Only in America, I
say. Iím not making fun of them I have one. What I
like is that this site is not discriminatory; it is an
equal opportunity kid appeaser. (If there is such a
word.) This is the time of year when you get to find
out just how roomy those vans are or arenít as the
case may be. If you donít have a van, television for
the car or are just plain nervous about traveling
1,000 miles with children, you need this site!

The web host has done a great job compiling travel
games by age. Babies can definitely travel by car.
They are too young to say, ďHeís touching me!Ē If
your kids are older and less tolerant many more ideas
are here too. We personally have used the tinfoil
modeling idea. It is great! A generic roll of tinfoil is
cheap and the kids had a blast.

This site is a must see because even just
traveling across town can be a hair raising
ďadventureĒ and I use that term loosely. Until next time.

Kathleen Bieke
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"Ah, the summer road trip. It's a less expensive alternative for the family vacation. The only trouble is, most kids hate being trapped in the car for a long time. It's hot, crowded and boring. You can only play travel Monopoly so many times, right? Family road trips can be a wonderful learning and bonding experience - if you know how to do it right. I stumbled across a fabulous site that has all kinds of information and ideas for making a summer road trip fun. They have game and activity ideas by age group and some traveling FREEBIES! Check out the site and let me know what you think! Moms"

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