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Another Minivan for Mom

A couple of years ago I reached out to my readers to help me fix the air conditioning in my aging minivan. Earlier this summer I finally fixed the entire van by replacing it with a long overdue and much needed newer van. (Read about the history of all my minivans here.) It’s a slightly used 2006 Grand Caravan “Special Edition”. And it’s special indeed – loaded with goodies like a sun roof, leather seats, and a built in GPS navigational system. A real Mom’s minivan.

My three kids wasted no time at all helping me “Mom My Ride” (see video below) during our first road trip in the new van – a 9 hour drive to NC for a week at the beach in July. We filled it with dog hair (on the way to the kennel), crumbs, sunscreen, wet towels, leaky coolers, and lots and lots of sand during our stay at the beach.

My ride definitely says, “Don’t even think about it, I’ve got kids”. Although, I prefer to think of it as saying, “Happy family on board!” or “Another successful road trip completed!”

“Mom My Ride”

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1 comment

1 Cheryl { 12.19.07 at 6:44 pm }

Congrats on your “new” minivan! It looks great!