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Speak to Me, Silvia! (GPS Nav Systems)

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan. It’s silver. So we named her Silvia. She speaks to us via the built in navigational system when we are on the road.

Silvia: “Exit freeway in 1 mile”

Mom: “Thanks Silvia!!”

Kids: “Who are you talking to, Mommy?”

No more missed exits due to excessive Car-i-oke singing or intense License Plate hunting. Sylvia tells me where to go and when to go there. She also tells me the answer to a popular question, “How much longer?!”

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a navigational system built into your vehicle, you can still get a portable GPS navigational device. These have become hugely popular recently. Tip: Makes a great gift for dads (guys love gadgets) and then you can “borrow” it whenever you like.

It tells you where to go, and if you go the wrong way, it just re-calculates some new directions for you to get you back on track. Just think, it solves the problem many husbands seem to have regarding not wanting to stop and ask for directions. You can even change the voice on some of them. My friend Devra has the Garmin Nuvi 350 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator. She calls it “Lee”. He speaks to her with an Australian accent.
Last summer Lee and Sylvia got to meet at the beach. How sweet. (Oh great, now I think I hear the soundtrack to Grease playing in the background). I only wish that Silvia could help me navigate through my teenager’s bedroom….

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1 comment

1 Devra { 11.07.07 at 3:12 pm }

We just came back from a long road trip. This was the first time Lee and The Huz met. We roadtripped from the DC area to Kentucky and then onto Tennessee (I think I may have some extra letters?)

I love Lee because he tells me where gas stations and eateries are located. The eateries we can even spell, so you can look for a specific place if you so desire. I hightly recommend our GPS as it saves on arguements about when and where we are filling up, either fuelwise or foodwise!