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Elf Yourself (or your Dog)

Silly silly Christmas fun. We can’t stop laughing at this. You can upload photos of your family’s faces to an elf body and then they dance around a winter wonderland at First I Elfed my kids . My adorable little angels are now goofy dancing elves. I am right there with them!

Then I couldn’t resist, and I Elfed my dog and cat. I also included my sister’s dog and mother’s for more hilarity. You may have to reload these a few times to get them to play since the site is really busy this time of year.

I just wanted to share this and wish you a Merry Christmas. No road trips for us this holiday season, but we are heading out by plane for some family visits. If you’re doing the same, check out my tips for flying with kids!

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1 Road Trip Mom { 12.19.07 at 6:54 pm }

Oh! I almost forgot! Here is my dog on Scrooge Yourself:

2 jason { 12.20.07 at 11:46 am }

Merry Christmas! Here’s our elves: