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On the Radio in Akron, OH

If you are in the Akron area, listen for me on The Morning Show on 1590 WAKR next Monday morning. I’ll be doing a short phone in interview at 6:50 am – yawn! Fortunately I will already be awake (blearily scarfing down coffee and Lucky Charms) while the kids are getting ready for school. I’ll get a chance to talk about fun things to do when traveling with your kids. The busy holiday travel season is almost here!

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1 MamaWise { 12.11.07 at 9:30 pm }

Love your site! I am in Medina, OH. I may have to tune my dial to you on Monday – my 9 month old is usually always up by 6:30am. Good Luck with the interview!

Author of The Wise Mommy

2 Momisodes { 12.18.07 at 11:20 pm }

Wow congrats on the press! that’s wonderful. I hope it went well…coffee and lucky charms and all :) found you through blogrush!

3 Anonymous { 12.19.07 at 12:36 pm }


I work for a company that is representing Dodge and I’d love to contact you either by phone or e-mail. Please e-mail me at I checked out your website and I was very impressed. Thank you.