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Posts from — April 2008

Reader Mail

I love fan mail! Who doesn’t?! I got a really nice letter a while ago from a reader who had a great road trip. She sent me a list of some of the specific activities from MomsMinivan that were a big hit with her kids, and I thought others might like to know what worked well –

“I just wanted to thank you for your great ideas! We went on a roadtrip through Utah/Arizona in October – seeing 4 national parks and “4 corners” along the way. I prepared many things for the kids to do, but the biggest hits were:
  • Counting cows game – my kids still say “your cows are dead” whenever they see a cemetery, and finding a man with a peg leg has become a big family joke.
  • Fortunately, Unfortunately – they could do this all day.
  • Pipe cleaners! My kids made strange hanging contraptions all over the backseat of the car. They want more, more, more!!
  • Battleship – The kids love it, we even sent copies of it to a friend in Iraq to share with his soldier friends.

Thanks again – I love your site!!”

I’m so glad I could help! I wish you many happy travels! Readers, if you’re looking for the list of where she got these activities, head over to the article with my big list of kids car games.

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Fun for the Road: Crazy Eights

Playing cards is one of my kids’ favorite things to do when we are on the road, or waiting at our airport gate for our flight to board. I’ve uploaded some printable instructions to with the instructions for playing some fun easy card games when you are on the road or in airports.

So, if you’ve forgotten the details of how to play Old Maid or Crazy Eights, here’s your chance to brush up. As a mom, the funnest part for me is watching one of my kids try to keep a “Poker face” when he/she has just drawn the Old Maid from someone’s hand!

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Road Trip Fun: The Green Game

In honor of Earth Day, here is a car travel game invented by my 15 year old Cousin Ben while he was on a long road trip through California.

The Green Game:
When driving through towns and cities, look for a hybrid vehicle, such as the Toyota Prius. Then count to 45. Within 45 seconds you will see another one if you are in an environmentally friendly area. Play this to measure which towns are “green”.

April 22, 2008   1 Comment

Friends at BlogHer

My friend Devra from Parentopia got to meet Katie Couric last week in New York! Katie invited some of the Blogher attendees to her office for an informal meeting.

Check out the YouTube video that her studio posted about Katie and the bloggers she met! Here’s still shot from the video so you can find Devra in the group. Go bloggers!

BTW, this now makes me only 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

*I am very good friends with Devra.
*Devra met Katie Couric in NY with the bloggers.
*Katie Couric was in “The More You Know” (1989) with Courtney Cox
*Courteney Cox was on The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards(2007) with Kevin Bacon

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Stuff on My Mutt

I’m a proud dog-mamma today because my old dog Oscar made it onto one of my favorite “pure amusement” websites: In fact, he’s on there twice.

You can see him here, wearing the big cone collar looking like a spokesmutt for Direct TV, and here is is again as the Stuff On My Mutt fan club leader. He has a rather goofy look on his face in that second picture, but I promise that he really didn’t seem to mind the sticky notes. He’s a good old boy!

And for the cat lovers, they have another silly site called Stuff On My Cat. We haven’t sent in a picture of our cat yet, but you can see him in my cat post on MomsMinivan.

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Dear RoadTripMom: Back Seat Bickering

QUESTION: What’s your favorite tactic for dealing with kids who start bickering in the back seat?

Generally, the thing I recommend the most is to just change the activity. Make some suggestions to the kids from the ideas that you have hopefully prepared before the trip! More specifically though, my favorite tactic when nothing else seems to end the bickering is to put on some new music and start singing loudly! …..Very loudly!

The kids will either start singing along with me, or they will unite with each other to try to make the parents STOP singing! Either way, the bickering is over. It definitely helps to have a sense of humor about it. Sometimes I have even used it as a (humorous) consequence. For example, “You kids need to start another activity instead of bickering, or else I will be forced to start singing!” It works every time.

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April 6, 2008   1 Comment