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Stuff on My Mutt

I’m a proud dog-mamma today because my old dog Oscar made it onto one of my favorite “pure amusement” websites: In fact, he’s on there twice.

You can see him here, wearing the big cone collar looking like a spokesmutt for Direct TV, and here is is again as the Stuff On My Mutt fan club leader. He has a rather goofy look on his face in that second picture, but I promise that he really didn’t seem to mind the sticky notes. He’s a good old boy!

And for the cat lovers, they have another silly site called Stuff On My Cat. We haven’t sent in a picture of our cat yet, but you can see him in my cat post on MomsMinivan.

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1 comment

1 Rocky { 04.08.08 at 8:49 am }

Go Oscar! Woof!!!