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Stretch Your Road Dollar

I’ve been groaning along with the rest of my readers over recent gas prices. But in a press release I received today, things got a little clearer. There is no need to let the pump prices become a fun-sucking black hole in your summer plans! Here is an excerpt:

Everyone seems to be complaining about the high cost of fuel causing them to cancel their summer vacation plans. Carol White, co-author of the book Living Your Road Trip Dream, says, “I don’t like the higher prices, but if you take a realistic look at it, it’s something that most of us can deal with.”

Did you cancel last year’s plans? According to AAA, gas prices have increased an average of $.56 a gallon since this time last year. Let’s go crazy and say it has been $.75 a gallon in your area. If your summer trip is 1000 miles long and your car gets an average of 23 MPG, your fuel will cost $32.60 more this year than last. One dinner at home instead of eating out before you go will save that much. Is $32 any reason to cancel your vacation?

Carol White is the co-author of the award-winning book, “Live Your Road Trip Dream” – the ultimate road trip planning guide for extended road trips.

Thanks for putting it into perspective. It may be a big increase in the price per gallon lately, but when you figure out how many gallons you are actually going to use, it’s not that big an increase in your overall travel budget. Just cut back a little somewhere else to make the ends meet. If you need help doing that, then check out all the ways you can save money on the road in my article “Stretch Your Dollar on the Road.”

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1 Carol White - The Road Trip Dreamer { 06.17.08 at 12:59 am }

Hi and thanks for posting my road trip fuel price thoughts for everyone. Just an update, we have a new edition of our award-winning book out just this spring – look for it with the all-blue cover at or on Amazon. It is now loaded with information for families hitting the road, working on the road, mid-life sabbaticals and “road schooling” your children. Remember, don’t the price of gas stop you from having that wonderful bonding family time of a road trip.

Carol White

2 Road Trip Mom { 06.17.08 at 1:19 pm }

Thanks for the update Carol. I changed the links in the post to reflect the new edition of your book. Live Your Road Trip Dream