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Rolling Reviews from the Backseat: Vanity PL8 Puzzles

By The Back Seat Reviewer — Road Trip Mom’s Daughter!

We recently got a copy of Vanity Pl8 Puzzles. I think it is a fun and entertaining book — on the road or off. The book is filled with over 170 vanity plate puzzles and fun facts about license plates and their history, appearances on famous people’s cars, and other odd things. It was moderately challenging and very interesting.

I had loads of fun figuring out what these license plates said. Some were harder than others, but luckily the answers are in the back.

The only problem is that some kids, like me, get carsick when they read in the car. If that is the case, you can always look for real vanity license plates and try to figure out if they have special meanings. I would definitely suggest this product as a time-passer in the car to any kid, or adult who likes solving fun puzzles.

NOTE FROM ROAD TRIP MOM: This is a review by my road trip daughter! She is hoping to be featured regularly on my website with her product reviews and backseat opinions. Please give her a warm welcome!

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1 Journeyer { 06.23.08 at 4:26 pm }

Congratulations on your first review! This sounds like a fun book. Me & two of my kids get carsick when reading in the car too. Good suggestion though to look out for real plates. We don’t have heaps of vanity plates in Australia, but enough to keep us on the lookout and interested in the game for a while. Thanks!

2 Anonymous { 07.01.08 at 2:22 pm }

Wonderful! Here’s to the start of a brilliant literary career!!

3 Anonymous { 07.08.08 at 11:58 am }

great way to teach reading in a fun way. thanks for sharing!