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Rolling Reviews – Autolite Triglo and Blink Trash Tossers

Here are a couple of items I recommend that make my road trips safer and more comfortable…

Autolite Triglo - This would have been a great item to have with me on a recent road trip when I had a flat tire on the interstate in the dark. After that experience, I am making sure never to leave home without an emergency light such as this.
It serves two functions – to warn passing cars that I am pulled over, or to light up my work area to change a tire in the dark. It can’t do both at the same time though, so you need to choose one or the other. It stands up on it’s own and is very sturdy.

It’s is not as big as warning triangles that truck drivers use for road side emergencies in their 18 wheelers, but since it’s more of a compact item, it stores easily in the car at all times. I feel better having this with me, especially if I end up changing a tire alone in the dark again.

Blink Trash Tossers – This is from a line of products for moms like me who spend a huge amount of time in our vehicles, either on road trips or carpooling kids around town. There are 20 bags per pack – more than enough for several road trips. The bags can be filled up and “downloaded” when we stop to fill up, or hung on the back of the seat and used on the go.

With three kids, my child in the way-back row never had access to the trash bin before. Now he can have his own bag for the massive pile of gum wrappers that he seems to generate on long trips. These bags are also fantastic for stashing that dirty diaper that you have to carry around with you in the car until you can find a trashcan to unload it. Hmm… and I’m thinking that my perpetually car-sick child will probably get a few good uses out of these bags too.

There are a few more tips on this video Moms Get Road Ready that I found helpful. And of course, to really be road ready, make sure you hit my printable car games page for some activities for the road! Happy travels everyone.

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