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Posts from — November 2008

Say Cheese!

I bought myself a new digital camera recently for my travels. In the past, I’ve owned two different Sony digital cameras and have had issues with the display screens on both of them, and have even had to send them back to the factory for repair. Eventually Sony refused to continue repairing what I felt was a factory defect and should have been covered by the warrantee. But I digress.

I really wanted to talk about my new camera that I LOVE! I got the Cannon PowerShot 1100IS, which is one of the top selling cameras, and I can see why. It’s so slim and sleek, and the view screen is large. It’s easy and takes great pictures. It also shoots movies, and is a versatile all-around camera, perfect for me to shoot pictures of my family and travel adventures. I took a little time learning how to use it, and I also bought a bigger memory card for it that holds a lot of pictures.

Which brings me to another product that I am now using. I have so many photos on my computer now, that I worry about losing them before I can get hardcopy prints made for my albums, or even after I’ve printed them for that matter. After my experiences with Hurricane Katrina, I have seen first hand how tragic it can be to lose all of your family photos!

To keep them safe, I am using the Picture Keeper. It works basically like a flash drive that has software on it that makes a backup copy of all your picture files on your computer to keep them safe. Sure, I could take the time to burn them all onto a bunch of CD’s, but then I’d have to actually organize them, and keep doing it for every update. This thing works like my ipod and updates itself with the latest pictures every time I just plug it in. I don’t have to do anything. And it holds them all (up to 8000 pictures). Super easy, and no worries. (coupon code “momsminivan” will save 10% at their website).

Cherish your memories and keep them safe. Today’s technology makes it so easy, that there is almost no excuse!

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November 21, 2008   1 Comment

Turkey Defense

Here’s my dad in 1981 with “Meaty”, our aptly named pet turkey. Meaty was quite the barnyard showpiece. We’d raised him from a chick. And, well, kids do dumb things, and I was no exception. I teased him a lot when his voice began changing from a cheep to a gobble. I gobbled loudly at him constantly to make him gobbly-cheep back. It was hilarious at the time. As a result, he grew to dislike me intensely.

I have no idea what was going on inside his bird brain, but as a fully grown turkey, he would sneak up on me at every opportunity to attack. It was only me that he disliked. Everyone else could pet him on his bumpy red head and play with his weird warm waddle affectionately. Not me. He would pick me out of a crowd of people, flapping his wings like baseball bats against my thigh and driving his 2-inch talons into my calves. One day in my self defense, I waved a horse’s lead rope and halter in his direction to fend him off, and accidentally knocked him on the head with the metal buckle. He flopped to the ground completely unconscious. I thought I’d killed him.

I panicked and tried to think of what I would tell my mother about the beloved family pet. I stroked his knobby head and told him how sorry I was. I said a prayer to please undo this mistake. My prayer was answered. About 60 seconds later he opened his eyes and hopped up, seemingly good as new. What great relief. Meaty and I pretty much avoided each other after that, managing to co-exist somewhat peacefully in the barnyard. … until he met his untimely demise a couple of years later at the jaws of a hungry coyote.

It seems I am not the only one who has ever fought with a turkey. Recently, a friend sent me a hilarious turkey-wrestling video ad for a JennieO Oven Ready Turkey. I could totally relate. The moment the woman in the video sent her unruly turkey soaring out of her kitchen window and into the back of her husband’s head, I knew I needed one of these birds. Given my special affinity for turkey wrestling, I was hooked. So, this past Sunday night I cooked the “Oven Ready Boneless Turkey Breast” from their product line, or as my family called it, “turkey boob in a bag”.

I literally took it out of the freezer and put into my oven already in its cooking bag. No thawing, no seasoning, no preparing, nothing. I didn’t have to do a thing or even touch the raw turkey. It seemed too good to be true. I kept re-reading the instructions for the catch. I even started to dig around in the kitchen drawers looking for my meat thermometer, until I realized it already had one of those nifty pop up things. This was one of the easiest dinners I have ever made.

All three kids gave it a thumbs up, and ditto for the gravy that came with it. Delicious. And no one was hit in the head by a giant flopping bird. …Or stabbed in the leg by a spit-angry flapping one. If only I could have gotten along as well with ol’ Meaty.

November 12, 2008   5 Comments

Soccer Mom Minivan talk show

“Soccer mom” Jeannie Tate hosts a talk show from her minivan. This video cracked me up. I totally love the dry cleaning that is hanging in her guest’s face. My favorite one liner is , “It’s not easy being a mother — if it were, fathers would do it!”

This poor woman spends way too much time in her minivan!

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November 5, 2008   1 Comment