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Drive to Florida I-95 or I-75

If you are taking a road trip to Florida, then I have someguide books that you can’t leave without! These are driving guides that give you Exit by Exit information all along your route.   Both books include maps, trivia, restaurant info, local radio stations, phone numbers to campgrounds off the interstate, traffic info, sights to see,  and a lot more.

If you’re driving down the East Coast, then you’ll need Drive I-95 (Spiral-bound) by  Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner. This will take you from Boston to Miami!

But if you are coming from the Midwest or MidSouth, you’ll most likely be driving on Interstate 75, so you’ll need  Along I-75 and Along Florida’s Expressways by Dave Hunter. The first book takes you all the way from Detroit to the Florida border, and the second takes you all the rest of the way along I-75 through Florida.

These books are all Spiral-bound, so  you can flip them over and follow along easily as you drive. Each page contains 30 miles of freeway and has all the roadside information  laid out with easy to read maps. The second half of the books has the maps flipped for your reverse trip home.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the front inside covers where the key to the map symbols is located so you don’t miss a thing.

I had Drive I-95  with me last summer during a road trip up the East Coast, and at one point we made a decision to stop for the night sooner than we expected. It was so easy to flip to the current page, look for a campground just a few miles ahead,  call ahead to make sure they had room. We were able to pull over and take a much needed rest for the night.  I could have never found a place to stay so easily and so spontaneously without the aide of my road trip guide.

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