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Posts from — April 2010

Paying it Forward

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lunchables. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fun trips for kids is what I’m all about, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to share this tip with my readers.  Lunchables is sponsoring an initiative called Project Potential with a contest called Field Trips For All where they will be giving away 50 class field trips to classrooms of deserving kids around the country.   Their aim is to help children grow toward their full potential and have experiences that they might not otherwise get to have.  Anyone who is at least 6 years old can enter and nominate a class.

Field trips can really enhance children’s learning experiences outside the classroom.  But with money being so tight lately, field trips are almost always one of the first things trimmed from school budgets. So here’s a chance to give back!

My own children have seen some commercials on TV for this contest recently and were excited to see me writing about it.  Naturally they wanted me to nominate their classes!  And, I have to admit, that was my first thought as well.

However, after a little bit of consideration, I realized that my children are very fortunate to have access to many school field trips during the year. Their schools have very involved parents for the most part, and the financial means to make them happen.  I’ve certainly chaperoned my fair share of class field trips.

So, I have decided to nominate a classroom that has a lot of special meaning for me.  Many of my readers already know that I am a former teacher.  For several years, I taught science at a public school in Memphis, TN.  It is a school that struggles hard, and full of students who don’t have the financial means to afford luxuries like class trips.  Still, I really enjoyed my time there and loved giving of myself to my classes.  My students were so full of potential, and they had to really struggle if they were going to reach it.

So — I’m going to nominate my former classroom!  I want the current science teacher at Sheffield Junior/Sr High School in Memphis, TN to win a field trip!   I have never met the teacher who has my old job, but I know the students there, and no one deserves a class field trip more than they do.

Now, I don’t know if my former students will be as wide-eyed as the 5th graders on this field trip in the following video, but I know they would still relish the opportunity to get some field experiences.

Click Here

Do you  know a classroom who would deserve this opportunity?  Please help me spread the word about this opportunity, and maybe even leave a comment below about who you would like to nominate.  Do good!

Visit my sponsor: Field Trips For All

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The Day After Vacation

I just returned from Spring Break, my family and I had a wonderful time;  however, the return to reality is tough.  Over the years I’ve learned how to make the dreaded first day back much easier by including this simple travel accessory:

The Travelon Stow-Away Laundry Bag

On prior vacations, after returning I would face a huge mound of laundry, which included both the clean and dirty clothes interspersed in my family’s luggage.

With the Travelon Stow-Away Laundry Bag our return laundry pile was reduced by half.  The unused clothing in the luggage is returned to the appropriate dresser while the dirty clothes are in one handy draw string bag that heads directly to the laundry room. In addition, your accommodations during your stay do not look like a cyclone passed through, with one bag as a designated spot for dirty clothes for the whole family.

Family vacations are great, now it’s time to make your transition day just as great, with less laundry,  by purchasing this simple travel accessory before you go!


Guest post by Irv’s Luggage.  For more tips and activities for traveling with children, visit

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Survey Time!

I need a little help from my readers! I’m sure you have noticed that I run ads on my site to support it and help me keep it going. My ad sales company needs demographics on my readers so they can make sales pitches to the wonderful sponsors that buy my ad space.  I need more data! Please do me a big favor and take this totally anonymous survey about and it’s users. The survey does not ask for any personally identifying info – especially not your email, your name, or phone number.  They just need general generic stuff like how old you are, how big your household is, etc. They will not sell you anything, I promise!

Please Click Here to take the Survey!

I couldn’t keep this site going without my readers.  You’re the best. Thank you!

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Update on Carsickness Blows


  • 6 Girl Scouts
  • 1 Girl Scout leader
  • Field trip to the local food bank to do community service sorting canned goods
  • Large helping of silliness and giggles

Final product:    Minivan with barf on the floor.

Since I first posted my story on Carsickness Blows, where I sing the praises of a wonderful product I had recently obtained, I had not yet had the opportunity to even use it.   ….Until now.    On a recent Girl Scout field trip with my minivan full of giggly girls, the laughter got a little bit out of hand until one of them finally lost it — all over the floor in the back of the van.    The mess was everywhere, but I had no fear.

In fact, I was secretly delighted.  At last I had a chance to try my yak pack, a clean up kit for car owners who travel with kids prone to erupt into bouts of carsickness.  The first thing I did was pass the darling Girl Scout a barf bag, so she could contain any further pukage until we got home (I keep plenty of these on hand in my van).  Once the girls were safely delivered, it was time for the real test.

During the cleanup, I used the little scoop to remove most of the chunks while wearing the nifty non-latex gloves (my favorite part!!).  Then I sprinkled the absorbent powder that did a fantastic job of neutralizing the odor.  When it dried, I was able to vacuum it all, and my car smelled good as new!  It even passed my daughters’ sniff test.  To be honest, my minivan never did have that “new car smell” since I bought it used, but the point is that it didn’t smell like vomit anymore.

I have enough of the absorbent materiel left over for a future cleanup should it ever be necessary. And given the fact that I will be hauling children around in my van for many years to come, I’m sure that the upchuck will abound in my days to come.

Yes, Virginia – there is a cleanup kit for carsickness.  It’s a Bio hazard yak pack.  I give it a thumbs up!

….Read more for tips on preventing carsickness

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Drive Long and Prosper

Here’s a twist on the old classic game of Rock Paper Scissors.   It’s called “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.”

Everyone knows that paper covers rock. But did you also know that Spock vaporizes rock?  Or that lizard poisons Spock?

With the number of possible outcomes increased, this version of the game is sure to hold the attention of your anxious crew.  It can be a little complicated at first, so you may want to print the simple diagram that I posted with the instructions.

See the complete article on How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock that I have posted on  With this game in your bag of tricks,  I have no doubt that you can drive long and prosper on your next road trek!

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Holden Beach, NC

One of our favorite places.

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MomsMinivan You Tube Channel!

Announcing the Moms Minivan YouTube channel!!

Here I will be posting videos from my readers, my own children and their “Backseat Rolling Reviews”, along with “favorited” videos from other youtube users that I think are amusing, or that pertain to my site.

If you have a video you’d like to share, please post it as a video response, or you can send me your video directly to

Meanwhile, Please give these darling girls a big welcome with their first backseat video as they set out on a road trip for Spring Break….

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