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The Day After Vacation

I just returned from Spring Break, my family and I had a wonderful time;  however, the return to reality is tough.  Over the years I’ve learned how to make the dreaded first day back much easier by including this simple travel accessory:

The Travelon Stow-Away Laundry Bag

On prior vacations, after returning I would face a huge mound of laundry, which included both the clean and dirty clothes interspersed in my family’s luggage.

With the Travelon Stow-Away Laundry Bag our return laundry pile was reduced by half.  The unused clothing in the luggage is returned to the appropriate dresser while the dirty clothes are in one handy draw string bag that heads directly to the laundry room. In addition, your accommodations during your stay do not look like a cyclone passed through, with one bag as a designated spot for dirty clothes for the whole family.

Family vacations are great, now it’s time to make your transition day just as great, with less laundry,  by purchasing this simple travel accessory before you go!


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