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Reader Favorites – Car Travel Activities

It’s time to share some of YOUR favorite car travel activities!

“We enjoy passing around a fake mike, as we take turns being the solo singer to the radio or cassette tunes! Sometimes we will unexpectedly lower the sound to make the singers voice really stand out.”  (Lin)

“A great car activity for children ages 5 (with adult help) and up, is to make a pot holder on a weaving loom! My 3 sons, ages 5, 10 and 12 all three enjoyed picking out their own colors and designing their own pot holder to give as gifts to grandparents and friends when we returned home from our trip!  They also make neon colored material for the weaving looms. You can buy a whole bag for under $2!” (Johna)

“Whenever we hit the road, we are always sure to grab a bottle of bubbles.  We turn on the car fan, hold the bubble wand in front of the vent, and voila! A car full of bubbles.  The bubbles generally go straight toward the back of the car, and are barely a distraction to the driver.  This is great fun in traffic, when we not only amuse ourselves but so many drivers alongside us.  And their happy grins
are a great amusement in themselves!” (Elaine)

Thanks Readers!  Keep sending in your ideas!  ~~Laurel (Roadtrip Mom)

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1 FamilyTentsWorld { 05.11.10 at 5:58 am }

What we used to love when we were on the road were all these very simple word games, like making endless word chains (choose a topic, e.g. animals, and every new word has to begin with the last letter of the previous one), or finding as many words as possible starting with the same letter (e.g. all plants starting with S). We also loved to check the ID plates of the cars we passed to determine where they came from.

2 Liz { 05.27.10 at 1:04 pm }

My kids are 4 1/2 years apart, with the younger one not even 2 1/2, so they can’t do word games or car bingo together. What they do enjoy is making up plays with hand puppets. We bring a bag filled with them (we have a wolf, sheep, lion, goat, shark, angelfish, boy and duck), and the puppets work out some of the aggression that can build up during a day on the road.

3 Road Trip Mom { 05.28.10 at 6:59 am }

I highly recommend puppets for the road! Not only to they make a great activity for kids, but they also can be used as a great way to keep order in the car. They might listen better if the puppet tells them what to do instead of mom & dad!

4 Maureen { 08.02.10 at 12:35 pm }

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5 Strauss { 09.02.10 at 7:38 am }

Keep it up!

Thanks for Sharing!!