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No whining allowed, unless you’re singing the Blues

My personal favorite road trip amusement item: All-American Car-i-Oke.

This is way better than ordinary music. It’s full participation music!

It has a CD with the music, and all the lyrics in the spiral bound book. It also includes several smaller lyrics booklets – one for the back seat, the way-back seat, and another for anyone who doesn’t like to share.

I bought a copy of All-American Car-i-Oke for my kids a few years ago (Ok, I admit that I probably bought it mostly for me – the biggest kid in the car).  We never tire of it, and use it at least once every trip. We have the most fun with the backseat drumming, and the “make up your own Blues” song.

In fact, it helped evolve a rule in our car — “No whining allowed unless you’re singing the Blues!”

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September 24, 2010   5 Comments

More Reader Favorite Car Games

Reader favorites – fun activities to do in the car….

One child holds out his hand and closes his eyes while the other child “writes” on his hand with her finger.  The first child has to guess what the second person is writing.  Start with just letters, and if it gets too easy, play with 2 or 3 letter words, pausing  between letters. There’s no winner or loser with this game. It can just go on continuously! (Submitted by reader Betsy C. –Thanks!)

TRAVEL BINGO — Print these!

Remember those Travel Bingo boards that you flip the red area when you see the picture on the board?  Look for them at dollar stores. OR, try a printable version such as the travel bingo boards posted here!   (Thanks to reader Lundy W.)

ANIMAL SOUNDS  (Fun for Pre-school age children)
Make animal sounds and let your children take turns naming the animals. If your children are able to do so, let them take turns making the animal sounds and have you guess the animal.

For more travel games for kids, check out the article Car Games for Kids!

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September 7, 2010   2 Comments