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Audio Books for the Car

When is the last time someone read a story to you?   When planning a long road trip with your kids,  consider that this is one of the best ways to entertain your little travelers on the road.  Kids really love audio books, and these days they are more accessible than ever.

You can check out audio books on CDs at your public library. Plan ahead and get on the waiting list to request favorite books  since these are the most popular at the library.   You can also download many books free from your public library if you have an account with them.

For even more options, you can download tons of  FREE audio books online that are in the public domain from Librivox and then play them on your ipod or from any media player on your computer. You can also  try a free site for kids audiobooks called or some pay sites like Audible or Amazon.

So, the next time you’re hitting the road, grab an audio book!

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1 Christina Pilkington { 07.08.11 at 12:44 pm }

I had never heard of the site It’s great! Thanks for sharing.