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Even a Minivan Can Have Style

I love driving a minivan. It makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not a mom who thinks parenting is a competitive sport.  I am just a practical person.

My children have grown quite a bit from when I first started driving a minivan, but my family still hasn’t outgrown its need. In fact, now that my kids are bigger, it suits us more than ever. With more friends and even more activities keeping them busy, I can haul kids and all their stuff around town like a pro. We have an endless array of sports gear, camping gear, bikes, groceries, or even a van-load of my kids’ growing crowd of friends.  I recently posted a picture online of my minivan loaded with Girl Scout cookies just to make my friends salivate.

However, even though I’m a practical parent, I still want to be pampered while I am at the helm. Fortunately the minivan makers are aware of my desires, and the new minivans are more luxurious than ever before.  Let’s start with the best.  US News and World Report ranks the new 2012 Toyota Sienna as number one out of the nine minivans it rated.

On their website, referring to their new Sienna, Toyota says, “Who says parenting requires sacrifice?” and I have to agree.  Looking at this new minivan makes me salivate. I picture myself with the 8-passenger option with a removable center seat for the middle row.  It has a two moon roofs, and a split screen DVD player for the kids. Those captains seats recline into loungers with a foot rest. I would plug my ipod into the USB port,  or crank the satellite radio option while I drive around town with pure pleasure, knowing my family is safe and comfortable too.

The minivan is here to stay and is still a great choice for a family. If you’re looking for practical purpose and luxury in a vehicle, reviewers recommend the 2012 Toyota Sienna. To find one near you check out Toyota Sienna Deals.  Yes, even a minivan can have style.

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1 Mahindra Maxximo Van { 03.16.12 at 6:32 am }

Quite Interesting! I believe mini vans are best because your family vehicle can become tight squeeze if your household activities have really grown up. Now a day’s even mini van comes equally stylish compared to any other vehicle.

2 Spencer { 04.16.12 at 10:56 pm }

How cool! I reckon that would be great to cruise around the open road in.