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Lay-n-Go Activity Mat

Here’s a cool new product that looks like a real winner. It’s an activity mat and toy keeper and toy transporter all in one.    It’s called the  Lay-n-Go.  It comes in a travel size and a much larger room size version.  I recently got to road test the travel sized version with my favorite 6 year old boy.    My cutie-pie nephew has a collection of Beyblades and Legos toys that he was finally able to take with him to a restaurant thanks to the Lay-n-go.  The size was perfect to lay out on the table to keep him busy with his favorite toys.  Once the food arrived, it was easy to just swoop it up in an instant and set it aside with all the toys contained.  We could tuck it into little sister’s diaper bag, or just carry it by its handle on the side.

This is a great idea for long road trips to keep those precious items close and contained when kids are stuck in their car seats for hours, or on an airplane. It was made of a very sturdy and durable material and looks like it would last for many years of being toted around. There is a pocket that can be used to tuck in the string once you have cinched it closed to contain the toys.  We gave this product two thumbs up!   Get it at Amazon:  Lay-n-Go

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