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Car Games with a Kleenslate

NOTE FROM ROAD TRIP MOM: This is a guest post by one of my favorite road trip kids – Carlie!  She recently took a trip with us as part of a carload of Girl Scouts on our way to camp  and road tested this product!

Rolling Reviews from the Backseat — Kleenslate  — By: Carlie F.

Recently we tried some Kleenslate paddles on our long drive to camp, and we were able to have a new experience in road trip games. We could do all kinds of things with this cool dry erase board, including writing song lyrics, practicing handwriting, being an artist while mixing colors, or designing a new species of animal.  The Kleeslate would be great for a wide range of age groups who ride in your car on a next road trip.

On our trip, our favorite games were ones that we made up ourselves, such as the “Emotion Potion” game which was funny and a great way for us to pass the time and have a laugh at our silly selves. Overall this prop was fantastic in almost every way. We did however experience a few bumps in our experience of using the Kleenslate. When we were writing we found that the marker would sometimes get on our pants, or the writing would become permanent on the board if you didn’t erase it soon after it had been used.  Overall we really enjoyed our use of the Kleen Slate compared to an ordinary white board that you might find at school.

Here are some of the games we played with it on our trip:

Emotion Potion
One child closes their eyes and passes around their board, while the rest of the passengers write down their feelings or emotion at that exact moment. Once they are done the person who had their eyes closed tries to guess which person in the car has that emotion (Hint: Try to disguise your handwriting so that the person guessing will not know who wrote that emotion.) Some suggestions for the emotions are depressed, funky, or even disturbed!

Pretend to be waiters/waitresses at your favorite restaurant. You take someone’s order, and then draw their meal before serving it to them.

Unseen Faces
Everyone closes their eyes and tries to draw the shape of the face on their own Kleen Slate board, but without looking! You must draw the entire face without lifting your pen. Try to draws all parts of the face such as a nose, lips, eyes, freckles or any other thing that could be on a face. Take a picture of the face that was drawn to remember your road trip.

Hangman was a really popular travel game with us.  One person thinks of a word and writes down blank spaces depending on the amount of letters in the word. The other player guesses a letter that he thinks is in the word. If the letter is correct, then write it in the space that it corresponds with . If the letter is wrong, then you draw a body part of a stick figure on the hangman rack. Start with drawing the head, body, arms and legs. If you have too many wrong guesses, your hangman will croak when hi s drawing is complete!

We really enjoyed the Kleenslate product and would recommend it for others!

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1 KleenSlate Concepts { 06.01.12 at 6:02 pm }

What great ideas you have for the traveling paddle! Did you know that dry erase will act like permanent marker when left on white board for too long. No fear! Just write over the mark with your dry erase pen, let dry, then erase it with eraser on the back of the marker or with the microfiber cleaning cloth. Repeat if you need to. Then wipe board down with soap and water and soft cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth to get any left over residue off. If you get the ink on your clothes, depending on the fabric, use Original Murphy Oil Soap and a soft tooth brush. Rub the the mark and then throw clothing in the laundry like normal. Again, it does depend on fabric, but let us know if it worked for you! Check out the maintenance on our web site

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