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Going Native

A few years ago, we took our three children on a whirlwind 3 day trip to New York City.  It was a weekend-long family reunion, so we crammed a lot into our short stay in New York and had a great time.

We saw museums, visited the Empire State Building,  enjoyed the Circle Line tour around the Statue of Liberty, rode subways, took precarious taxi rides, walked around Central Park, and still managed to get to all the family events.  In spite of the cram packed schedule, the biggest complaint we had from the kids was that they wish we could have stayed longer!  I agreed!

The ultimate travel trip for me would be to actually live in a big city or foreign country and enjoy new experiences from the perspective of the residents, or as I like to call it — “going native.”  In my dreams I imagine myself checking out New York City apartment rentals and taking an extended vacation for a few months to truly enjoy everything a big city has to offer.

Since I can take my job with me almost anywhere, this idea isn’t actually that far fetched.  So, while I’m dreaming,  I guess I’d better add some more items to my bucket list of places I’d like to go native. I’ll start with that little Mexican beach town I once visited, then hit Greece, Rome, Rio….  After all, every vacation I’ve ever had started with a dream. What’s yours?!

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