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Break up a Long Road Trip with Local Activities

Break up your long trip with some short stops that are of local interest.  Checking out what the locals have to offer along the way is a great way to see the country.  It may sound silly, but be prepared to be spontaneous!  Making stops you haven’t planned lets you feel adventurous.

Once, we made a short stop for a potty break in Tupelo, MS and as luck would have it, we were less than a mile from the birthplace of Elvis, so of course we took a detour and had a look! There turned out to be a little playground nearby where we spent 15 minutes running around. On the trip home, we drove the Natches Trace parkway and stopped for 10 minutes to see some Indian ruins.  It’s amazing how many interesting things there are to see even out in rural areas of the country.

If you are fortunate enough to get some adult-only time to yourselves, I recommend touring a local vineyard where you are traveling, for example,  Take their tour and try some wines you may not have tried before like maybe the Sonoma Biodynamic Wine.  You may be surprised to know there are wineries all over the country, and not just in California,  where you can take short tours and see beautiful countryside.  I recently toured one in Kentucky!

Visiting the locals and finding out what they like to do is one of my favorite things to do when traveling on the road, because it gives so much flexibility.  Watch those road signs and be a little spontaneous!

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