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Posts from — December 2012

Turning 100,000

Somewhere in the middle of a beautiful rural Kentucky byway,  while I was on my way to Kentucky Lake for my annual Pirate Adventure , my minivan had a birthday.  Or rather, a birth-mile.   Sylvia (my minivan, also known as “The Mother Ship”) turned 100,000 miles.  I took a picture.

Why is that mile different from any other? When I posted the photo to my facebook, I had many friends comment on their locations when their own vehicles hit this milestone. They all remembered where they were when that odometer turned over  99,999 –> 100,000 .   I guess it’s just really fun to watch all those 9′s turn over!

One friend commented, “Keep going! You’re halfway to the moon!”

I remember one of my previous cars turning 100,000.  It was a Toyota Camry and I was on my way to work teaching school when it turned.   Considering the Camry cost of ownership, it would be nice to still have it since it would have kept going forever. But, after my 3rd child and a hoard of Girl Scouts, I traded it in for my series of minivans and became a minivan mom.

So, happy milestone, Sylvia.  Here’s to many more fun miles on the way to more adventures!

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Product Reviews: Melissa and Doug Travel Games

Melissa and Doug travel games I have added two new videos where I show some of my favorite travel products that are available online.  They are travel games by Melissa and Doug toy company that I really like.  My family has played with these for years, and as a bonus, you can finally see ME in these videos telling you about the items!

I’ve been working hard on my Youtube channel recently and added a lot of new videos. I would love for you to check it out and subscribe to my channel, or at least leave me some comments and hit the “thumbs up” on a few of the videos if you like them.  Please let me know what you’d like to see more!



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