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Duct Tape Fixes Everything …Almost

Ever have one of those road trips where you are at  your wits end, and you are actually considering the all-inclusive fix-it tool –  duct tape? Before resorting to this extreme parenting method, consider a couple of alternative car games instead:

“Sweet or Sour” is an amusing game for all ages.  When you are stuck in traffic on the highway, this is a great time to play this game.   Wave to the people wave at one of the cars close to you, or do something else to get their attention.  If the person waves or honks back they are sweet.  If  you know they can see you, but they are pretending they don’t, then that car is sour.  You play as a whole car or individually, but keep track of the people who are sweet and sour. You get extra points if the person honks.  Keep score or just a record of all the Sweet vs. Sour cars, and see if you can improve your results on the next trip.

THE QUARTER GAME  (A variation of The Quiet Game, but with reward!)
“When the kids start getting bored and my nerves are getting frayed, we play the “Quarter Game.” It’s simple — which ever child doesn’t speak for the longest time gets a quarter. It’s a fun, friendly competition plus it gives Mom and Dad a few quiet moments to regain sanity.  Kids love it too!”   (Submitted by reader, Samantha. Thanks!)


So, before you break out the drastic car management tactics like duct taping your darling children’s smiles, renew their dental insurance and let those pearly whites gleam as you travel the highways in harmony because you kept them happy and occupied on the road.  And before anyone gets excited, the kids featured in the photo are my darling nephews who volunteered for this shot! Thanks guys! You are too cute.

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1 Always in my backpacking checklist { 06.23.13 at 7:53 am }

Duct tape is never missing from my list of things to pack! I fixed tent, backpack, shoes with it. Many travellers just roll it a little bit around the water bottle to same some space, and have it always with you.