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Teen Drivers

If you smile and turn around in your minivan you will probably see your dear darlings smiling back at you while they are safely strapped to their car seats.  Now picture yourself a few years from now when you are no longer the one in the driver’s seat, and your dear darling is now grinning at you from behind the wheel.  You are now white-knuckled to the arm rests of the passenger seat while your teen age driver smashes the accelerator just a little too hard, or over-corrects every turn.  You instinctively reach for the brakes in front of you before you remember that you don’t have any on your side of the vehicle.

Welcome to my world.

I am about to be the mother of two teen age drivers.  My darling daughter is about to join her older brother in the ranks of Kentucky drivers since she is taking her driver’s test next week.  They both learned how to drive on my minivan.

I’ve had to do some research to make our new driver fit into our family budget too.  Where I live, you don’t have to add a driver with a learners permit to your insurance, but once they get the actual license, you will need car insurance for your teen.  Good thing mine can now drive herself to her job to help pay for it.

So, Kentucky motorists, please welcome a new driver to the streets.  You have been warned.   (PS. Congratulations to my darling daughter)

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