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Friends at BlogHer

My friend Devra from Parentopia got to meet Katie Couric last week in New York! Katie invited some of the Blogher attendees to her office for an informal meeting.

Check out the YouTube video that her studio posted about Katie and the bloggers she met! Here’s still shot from the video so you can find Devra in the group. Go bloggers!

BTW, this now makes me only 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

*I am very good friends with Devra.
*Devra met Katie Couric in NY with the bloggers.
*Katie Couric was in “The More You Know” (1989) with Courtney Cox
*Courteney Cox was on The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards(2007) with Kevin Bacon

April 7, 2008   2 Comments

Join Mom’s Minivan on Facebook! now has it’s own page on Facebook! Connect with me and with other MomsMinivan fans by visiting the MomsMinivan Facebook page and clicking “become a fan!”. Post a note to my wall, send a message, or just share the site with your friends. Spread the word and join the Moms Minivan fans!

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On the Radio in Akron, OH

If you are in the Akron area, listen for me on The Morning Show on 1590 WAKR next Monday morning. I’ll be doing a short phone in interview at 6:50 am – yawn! Fortunately I will already be awake (blearily scarfing down coffee and Lucky Charms) while the kids are getting ready for school. I’ll get a chance to talk about fun things to do when traveling with your kids. The busy holiday travel season is almost here!

December 10, 2007   3 Comments

Another Minivan for Mom

A couple of years ago I reached out to my readers to help me fix the air conditioning in my aging minivan. Earlier this summer I finally fixed the entire van by replacing it with a long overdue and much needed newer van. (Read about the history of all my minivans here.) It’s a slightly used 2006 Grand Caravan “Special Edition”. And it’s special indeed – loaded with goodies like a sun roof, leather seats, and a built in GPS navigational system. A real Mom’s minivan.

My three kids wasted no time at all helping me “Mom My Ride” (see video below) during our first road trip in the new van – a 9 hour drive to NC for a week at the beach in July. We filled it with dog hair (on the way to the kennel), crumbs, sunscreen, wet towels, leaky coolers, and lots and lots of sand during our stay at the beach.

My ride definitely says, “Don’t even think about it, I’ve got kids”. Although, I prefer to think of it as saying, “Happy family on board!” or “Another successful road trip completed!”

“Mom My Ride”

September 19, 2007   1 Comment

Welcome and First Post

Well, it’s about time I got on the blog bandwagon. I actually had a personal blog that I kept for about year which chronicled my family’s evacuation and return home after Hurricane Katrina. It was wildly popular for the first couple of months after the disaster, but it seemed to run a natural course and I ended it when we moved out of the New Orleans area. It’s on to greener pastures and minivan road trip adventures for us!

My friends Devra and Aviva enjoy writing to their blog at Parentopia and have been subtly kicking my butt to get blogging again so I can attend Blogher conventions and other adventures with them. Even without their encouragement, I’m long over due for my return to the blogosphere, so here I am.

The plan for the MomsMinivan Blog is for news and updates about my website, new car games to play, and possibly some of our family’s travel adventures. Thanks for reading along…

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September 18, 2007   4 Comments