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TV Opp for August Vacationers

Are you planning a road trip or vacation during the last week or two in August? A producer from Nickelodeon’s Nick News contacted me because they are looking for families who would be willing to be filmed for a segment about kids taking family vacations going camping, visiting national parks, etc. Kids narrate the piece and would have to be between 11 and 15 years old.

Send me an email if you’re interested and I’ll forward it on.

On a personal note — My kids started back to school yesterday, so our summer road trips are over for now! Bummer!

August 14, 2008   Comments Off

See me at!

PBS has always been special to me. I could not get enough of Sesame Street as a child. Grover always was and still is my favorite character of any PBS show. He was a world traveler with a can-do attitude and was never afraid to try something new, even if it didn’t always work out the way he thought it would. I can see myself in him at every turn of my life. As a mom, I see the special place PBS has forged in my own children’s hearts.

I am very excited to be a featured “expert” at the PBS Parents website for the next couple of weeks. I’m heading up the topic of ways to keep children happy and parents sane during the busy travel season. Please come over and join in the Q & A discussion!

update: links updated to reflect archived story

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June 12, 2008   4 Comments

Loser Friends

My friends are losers. Yes, I am proud to admit that I am their friend. In fact, I wish I were a loser too. Actually, I may already be a loser — and not in a good way — just for helping them create the header image for their loser blog.

What am I talking about? …. My friends Devra and Sarah are on a mission to lose a few inches of their waistline by hiring a personal trainer together. These gals are funny enough on their own when reading along with their blogs. I’m sure their training sessions are going to be quite interesting to say the least. They’ll probably burn half their total calories just from all the joking around. They will be literally laughing their asses off. Good for them. More power to them. Go Loser Moms!

Edited to add: I sent hate mail to my loser friends and it was posted. I guess I am a loser after all.

May 23, 2008   2 Comments

Friends at BlogHer

My friend Devra from Parentopia got to meet Katie Couric last week in New York! Katie invited some of the Blogher attendees to her office for an informal meeting.

Check out the YouTube video that her studio posted about Katie and the bloggers she met! Here’s still shot from the video so you can find Devra in the group. Go bloggers!

BTW, this now makes me only 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

*I am very good friends with Devra.
*Devra met Katie Couric in NY with the bloggers.
*Katie Couric was in “The More You Know” (1989) with Courtney Cox
*Courteney Cox was on The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards(2007) with Kevin Bacon

April 7, 2008   2 Comments

Stuff on My Mutt

I’m a proud dog-mamma today because my old dog Oscar made it onto one of my favorite “pure amusement” websites: In fact, he’s on there twice.

You can see him here, wearing the big cone collar looking like a spokesmutt for Direct TV, and here is is again as the Stuff On My Mutt fan club leader. He has a rather goofy look on his face in that second picture, but I promise that he really didn’t seem to mind the sticky notes. He’s a good old boy!

And for the cat lovers, they have another silly site called Stuff On My Cat. We haven’t sent in a picture of our cat yet, but you can see him in my cat post on MomsMinivan.

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April 7, 2008   1 Comment

Advice: Flat Tire Fun (Not!)

Some good advice I got from my father once — Be familiar with your spare before you hit the road! (ok, I got it more than once — I get it every time I got a new vehicle.)

Imagine being at the side of the road on a busy Interstate highway with a flat tire…. …alone…. in the dark.

I found myself in this situation recently. I was alone and about 50 miles from home in the countryside on a dark interstate highway on a short 200 mile road trip. It was 7 pm in January so it was pitch dark and very cold. My tire went flat. I pulled off the road as far as I possibly could. Changing a tire by the side of the road is very dangerous and very scary. But I knew what to do. Do you? Read more Flat Tire help for some great advice so you don’t get stuck!

February 27, 2008   5 Comments

Elf Yourself (or your Dog)

Silly silly Christmas fun. We can’t stop laughing at this. You can upload photos of your family’s faces to an elf body and then they dance around a winter wonderland at First I Elfed my kids . My adorable little angels are now goofy dancing elves. I am right there with them!

Then I couldn’t resist, and I Elfed my dog and cat. I also included my sister’s dog and mother’s for more hilarity. You may have to reload these a few times to get them to play since the site is really busy this time of year.

I just wanted to share this and wish you a Merry Christmas. No road trips for us this holiday season, but we are heading out by plane for some family visits. If you’re doing the same, check out my tips for flying with kids!

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December 19, 2007   2 Comments

Cat Post

This is a response to a cat post by Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who writes a blog generally for webmasters. He posted pictures of his cat this week while he is away at a webmaster’s conference called Pubcon. I attended this conference a couple of years ago when it was in New Orleans. Matt’s cat was eating his Christmas tree, and he also wrote about how it likes to squeeze in behind him on his chair while he works at the computer.

Our cat, Rocky, loves to lie right on top of my desk, preferably on top of my papers so that I cannot read them while I’m working. His favorite spot is right in front of the printer. He hardly even flinches when paper comes rolling out of it while it’s in use. If I am not adoring him enough, then he walks back and forth in front of my keyboard for a view out the window at the birds while pausing right in front of my monitor for a nice sloooow stretch. Occasionally he even acknowledges the dog who sleeps under the desk by my feet .

Ok, bloggers, let’s see your cat posts.

December 5, 2007   3 Comments

Trip to Alaska

This past July I had an opportunity to see Alaska! My cousins put me up (and put up with me) for a week at their home. We toured glaciers, hiked, fished, went moose watching, and participated in local Fourth of July festivities. Here I am at the top of Flattop Mountain (and on top of the world!) in Anchorage, Alaska on a beautiful July Afternoon.

Take a look at the video I shot of our fishing group while we were charter fishing with Alaska Northern Outfitters.

It only took me about 15 years to take my cousin up on her offer to visit her in Alaska. I have no idea what took me so long. I can’t wait to go back and bring the kids next time. Best travel tip ever: If you have family living in cool places, go visit them!

October 2, 2007   2 Comments

Another Minivan for Mom

A couple of years ago I reached out to my readers to help me fix the air conditioning in my aging minivan. Earlier this summer I finally fixed the entire van by replacing it with a long overdue and much needed newer van. (Read about the history of all my minivans here.) It’s a slightly used 2006 Grand Caravan “Special Edition”. And it’s special indeed – loaded with goodies like a sun roof, leather seats, and a built in GPS navigational system. A real Mom’s minivan.

My three kids wasted no time at all helping me “Mom My Ride” (see video below) during our first road trip in the new van – a 9 hour drive to NC for a week at the beach in July. We filled it with dog hair (on the way to the kennel), crumbs, sunscreen, wet towels, leaky coolers, and lots and lots of sand during our stay at the beach.

My ride definitely says, “Don’t even think about it, I’ve got kids”. Although, I prefer to think of it as saying, “Happy family on board!” or “Another successful road trip completed!”

“Mom My Ride”

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September 19, 2007   1 Comment