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Lay-n-Go Activity Mat

Here’s a cool new product that looks like a real winner. It’s an activity mat and toy keeper and toy transporter all in one.    It’s called the  Lay-n-Go.  It comes in a travel size and a much larger room size version.  I recently got to road test the travel sized version with my favorite 6 year old boy.    My cutie-pie nephew has a collection of Beyblades and Legos toys that he was finally able to take with him to a restaurant thanks to the Lay-n-go.  The size was perfect to lay out on the table to keep him busy with his favorite toys.  Once the food arrived, it was easy to just swoop it up in an instant and set it aside with all the toys contained.  We could tuck it into little sister’s diaper bag, or just carry it by its handle on the side.

This is a great idea for long road trips to keep those precious items close and contained when kids are stuck in their car seats for hours, or on an airplane. It was made of a very sturdy and durable material and looks like it would last for many years of being toted around. There is a pocket that can be used to tuck in the string once you have cinched it closed to contain the toys.  We gave this product two thumbs up!   Get it at Amazon:  Lay-n-Go

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Cute Kids Luggage

Kids Travel Luggage This kids’ luggage is Cute As A Bug!

There is even more cute luggage at

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Holiday Printable Coloring Pages

On road trips, or just hanging out, kids love to color!  I found a website that has some of the cutest printable materials I’ve ever seen online.  It’s called Python Printables.

Check out their Holiday printable coloring pages (This link includes a $5 coupon when you download along with their free printable pages to use with their premium products later if you want).  They have lots of different holidays and other events to keep your kids busy and creative!

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Broken Bone Vacation Relief

Cast cooler, cast Covers!What’s the only thing worse than breaking your arm during summer vacation?

Answer: Breaking BOTH arms!  (OUCH!)

But never fear, this little cutie’s summer has been saved.  Read my article,  Cast Relief,  to see how our friend managed to find some relief for her cast torture, and save her summer vacation!

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Crank Flashlight

Last winter I had the misfortune of suffering a blow out during a short 3-hour road trip to Nashville, TN.  I was driving along the Kentucky Bluegrass Parkway when it happened.

It was January.  It was cold. It was late. And it was dark.  …. VERY DARK.  So dark in fact, that I couldn’t see in order to remove my spare tire, or even where to put the tire iron to tighten the lug nuts. Cars and truck sped by me on the freeway as I struggled and tried to use the light from my cell phone screen just to see what I was doing!   “Never again,” I thought, “will I be caught without a working flashlight.”

Now I carry a wind-up crank flashlight that doesn’t require batteries and has an led bulb that doesn’t burn out.  As I struggled on that cold dark night to change my tire, I thanked my lucky stars that I at least knew how to do change it! I recommend that anyone who drives be familiar with your spare tire and how to use your car jack.  Read more…

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Update on Carsickness Blows


  • 6 Girl Scouts
  • 1 Girl Scout leader
  • Field trip to the local food bank to do community service sorting canned goods
  • Large helping of silliness and giggles

Final product:    Minivan with barf on the floor.

Since I first posted my story on Carsickness Blows, where I sing the praises of a wonderful product I had recently obtained, I had not yet had the opportunity to even use it.   ….Until now.    On a recent Girl Scout field trip with my minivan full of giggly girls, the laughter got a little bit out of hand until one of them finally lost it — all over the floor in the back of the van.    The mess was everywhere, but I had no fear.

In fact, I was secretly delighted.  At last I had a chance to try my yak pack, a clean up kit for car owners who travel with kids prone to erupt into bouts of carsickness.  The first thing I did was pass the darling Girl Scout a barf bag, so she could contain any further pukage until we got home (I keep plenty of these on hand in my van).  Once the girls were safely delivered, it was time for the real test.

During the cleanup, I used the little scoop to remove most of the chunks while wearing the nifty non-latex gloves (my favorite part!!).  Then I sprinkled the absorbent powder that did a fantastic job of neutralizing the odor.  When it dried, I was able to vacuum it all, and my car smelled good as new!  It even passed my daughters’ sniff test.  To be honest, my minivan never did have that “new car smell” since I bought it used, but the point is that it didn’t smell like vomit anymore.

I have enough of the absorbent materiel left over for a future cleanup should it ever be necessary. And given the fact that I will be hauling children around in my van for many years to come, I’m sure that the upchuck will abound in my days to come.

Yes, Virginia – there is a cleanup kit for carsickness.  It’s a Bio hazard yak pack.  I give it a thumbs up!

….Read more for tips on preventing carsickness

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Mad Libs ReRuns

Mad Libs. I have recommended this as a great car activity for many years. Recently we found a way to enjoy them even further.

My daughter pulled out the Mad Libs tablet that we used a few months earlier on a previous trip. She began to read some of the stories that we had already completed. They were HILARIOUS — And much funnier than they were the first time. This was probably due to the fact that the crazy words were a complete surprise this time since we didn’t remember them.

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A Few Products for the Road

Occasionally companies send me their products to try in hopes they’ll get a mention on my website. Here are a few that I’ve tried recently:

That Gunk on Your Car was a funny reference book that I enjoyed on a recent road trip. It’s a field guide to insects that have likely splatted against your windshield. It was a cute book for older children or adults. I especially enjoyed the color photos of the splats to help identify some of the insects. It was divided into chapters regarding each of the more common insects. It’s not something you would necessarily read straight through, but made a great reference guide.

Along with that book, I tried a product to help me remove those sticky bugs from my car windshield. It was Prestone Bug Wash windshield washer fluid. I poured it into my windshield washer reservoir and hit the road. It actually did a great job removing bugs after I slammed into them, mile after mile. It did such a good job that I had my teenager clean the front of the minivan with it when we got home.

Finally, I tried the Energizer 15 minute battery charger for AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. It really worked in only 15 minutes, although it was a little louder than I expected it to be because of the fan that runs while it is working. It’s a very small unit, but the plug adapter is as big as the unit its self. It did come with two pairs of batteries to get you started, and also a car adapter plug so you can use it on the road to keep those video game remotes charged and working. After a few uses, this unit would pay for its self, although it’s a little bit of an investment for starters. You can’t beat the 15 minutes to charge though!

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September 21, 2009   2 Comments

Flair for the Road

I recently tried a new product called Glam Bags. These reusable travel bags claim that they will add a little bit of glamor and style to your life while you travel. Now, I am not normally a super fashion-conscious traveler, but I have to admit that I did feel a little bit more luxurious with my precious pretties in these designer bags than I did carrying them around in those old sandwich bags.

The pretty-factor makes me want to reuse them as much as I can too. They are convenient and attractive and that little bit of flair that they add to your trip really makes them worth it! I’ll definitely be taking these along on all my trips from now on.

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Ultimate Printable Car Games!

Someone finally put all the fun printable car activities into one big fat ginormous printable book. It’s the Ultimate Road Trip Games book, that you can download and print. I love it!

It’s over 140 pages of stuff to do in the car. Print just the pages you want, and as many as you need for all your kids, and print more for your next trip.

A few activities are similar to the printable car games that I have available on MomsMinivan, but they have taken them to a whole new level, and included many many more, in an easy printable format.

We’re excited about the “secret mission” game. This one sounds just right for my school age children, and we can’t wait to play it on our next trip. None of the activities require any extra materials other than a pencil and the printed sheets. Use it over and over for every trip you take.

Overall, I think it’s terrific! It’s definitely worth the purchase price, and I feel really good about recommending it to my readers. You can find it on their website at Ultimate Road Trip Games!

Meanwhile, make sure you stock up on printer ink! Here’s a place I love to get mine – use the coupon I found for a discount! 15% Off Compatible Inkjet Cartridges – use Coupon TAK658W
(Expires 09.30.09)

Happy travels!

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