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Click here to display just the flag image for printing.

Fly your flags, America !

Print this page. Cut out the flag image and fold it down the center to show colors on both sides. Then tape it to your antenna like the picture on the right.  You may want to laminate it or cover it with tape to protect it from the wind and rain so it will last a long time. Clear packaging tape works very well.

Fly your flag in honor of those who were lost in the September 11th tragedy, and to show your support for our country.

Flag Etiquette
The September 11 tragedy has brought out a new sense of patriotism and flags are flying everywhere. 

But, before you start printing flags and sticking them onto everything, please brush up on proper flag etiquette. For example, it IS proper to fly our flag from a car antenna, or other small pole mounted on the car so that it can fly free, but it is NOT correct to attach it flat onto the side of a vehicle -- like taped flat onto the door or the hood. 

This seems confusing because it IS OK to hang a it flat on a wall, just not flat on a moving vehicle. It is OK to hang "flag colored" bunting and patriotic material flat on the side of moving vehicles since this type of item is not an actual flag. Also remember that if your flag starts getting worn and ragged, then it is time to replace it. Do not drive around with half a flag hanging by a thread.

Most flag etiquette has to do with common sense and they are "rules or regulations" but not "laws". 

If you would like to learn more about how to properly display the American flag, please click here for basic flag etiquette, or read details of United States Code Title 36 Chapter 10, also known as the Flag Code



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