Easy Camping Food to Make with Kids over a Campfire

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Easy Camping Food 

for Kids

by Laurel Smith

Fun Food Kids Can Make over a Campfire

Here are some great campfire foods that I recently road-tested with my troop of Girl Scouts. Most of these girls were around 12 years old and trained in fire safety which is very important when you have kids cooking over a campfire!  Here are the recipes and instructions for the following:
  • Pizza Pockets
  • Piggies in a Blanket
  • Thanks-a-lot Smores
  • Dough Boys
  • Brownie Smiles (Monster Mouth)
  • Jiffy Pop Popcorn
  • Bannana Boats

Pizza Pockets (great for dinner)

Ingredients: Pita pocket bread, cans of sliced olives (several cans since these are a big hit), pizza sauce, grated mozzarella cheese). Various other pizza ingredients such as sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, etc).

Have each camper stuff their pita pocket with their desired pizza ingredients. It's a good idea to make them two at a time since most will probably eat at least two. Wrap loosely in tin foil and place on a grate over a campfire. Turn occasionally. Once cheese has melted, eat it up!  These are very popular since each camper gets to make their own style pizza.

Piggies in a blanket (great for breakfast or dinner)

Ingredients: Little Smokies sausages, crescent roll dough

Spear several Little Smokies onto your skewer. Wrap with crescent roll dough. It works best if you do not completely enclose the sausages, or the dough will cook and burn long before the sausages heat.  Toast them over the fire and enjoy them as your breakfast. 

Thanks-a-lot Smores

Ingredients: marshmallows, Thanks-a-lot Girl Scout cookies

These are not your regular Smores. They are even better!  Toast a big marshmallow over the campfire. When it's good and gooey, put it between two Girl Scout "Thanks A Lot" cookies and devour it.  Thanks A Lot cookies are a shortbread cookie with a chocolate frosting coating on the backside.  This is a special camp treat that is over and above the traditional graham cracker smores.

Dough Boys (breakfast)

Ingredients: canned biscuits, sugar, cinnamon

Stretch and wrap several biscuits around the end of a large stick. Roll the dough around on a plate with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon until it is coated.  Toast dough carefully over the fire. Do not cook too quickly or the sugar will burn. Eat the outside layers as they cook and keep cooking again as you unwrap the inner layers. Gooey and delicious for breakfast. A great way to start the day!

Dough Boys - easy camping food

Brownie Smiles (snack)

Ingredients: apple slices, peanut butter, mini-marshmallows

This is a traditional Girl Scout snack.  It goes with the "Brownie Smile" song, and you can't help but sing it when you finish making one. This requires no cooking, it's healthy and fun to make.  Just smear a little peanut butter on one side of an apple slice. Add 5 or 6 marshmallows for "teeth" and top it off with another peanutbuttered apple slice. If you're kids are not scouts, you can call it a "Monster Mouth".   Say CHEESE!!!
How to make Brownie Smiles - easy camping food for kidsEasy camping food for kids

Jiffy Pop Popcorn (snack)

Ingredients: prepackaged Jiffy Pop popcorn (or generic)

It's sometimes hard to find, but it's making a comeback in many grocery stores. I have found it recently at Kroger, and you can buy this nostalgic and delicious treat by the case on Amazon.  Remove the paper label and heat it over the coals. Shake it carefully and keep it moving while the foil rises, so you don't burn it. We duct taped ours to a long stick so we could hold it more easily over the coals without burning ourselves. To make this task much easier, there is a Jiffy Pop extension handle sold just for this purpose! The kids eat this up!

How to cook Jiffy Pop over a campfire
Banana Boats (dessert)

Ingredients: ripe bananas, mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips

Slit your banana lengthwise and open it up like a canoe. Carefully slice the banana into bite sized pieces while leaving it all inside the peel. Insert a handful of marshmallows and chocolate pieces. Wrap it loosely in foil (not too tight!) and place it over hot coals for a few minutes. The banana carmelizes and is uber-tastey with the melted chocolate and marshmallow.   Another alternative is to smear a big dollop of Nutella into your bannana boat instead of chocolate chips. Double Yum!!!

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--Laurel (Road Trip Mom)

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