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Please Help Fix My Minivan! 
Mom's minivan needs help!
July 8, 2005
My  7-year-old Chrysler minivan just came back from the repair shop. The air conditioner gasped its last breath, so it was an emergency. In case you haven't heard, it's HOT here in New Orleans.  Not just a little hot. A LOT hot. It's hot here about 10 months out of the year.  They say there are only two seasons in New Orleans -- Summer and Mardi Gras.  It's that hot!!

My three little darlings would just cook in the back of the van if I didn't do something quickly. As their mother I immediately found a way to make this a teachable moment for my little darlings. I told them that if they wanted it fixed, they'd have to hand over all their allowance money, since there wasn't enough in the emergency cookie jar fund to cover the bill. ;-)

 The final total for it's repair was $1,258.98.  !!  Here's the bill:

If you think I should repay the allowance money I took, then please help me out with a donation of a dollar or five. Any amount will help!

"Thanks for fixing our air-conditioner!"

Please help! Click here to donate!


Are you still reading?  That means you haven't clicked that Paypal donate button yet!!  My kids had to give me all their allowance money just to help pay this bill! Doesn't that just break your heart?!

Seriously, I only need 1,258 people to send in $1, and one person to chip in 98 cents  -- that would cover it.  That is less than the number of people who visited this website today!  Surely what you have learned from this site is worth $1.

If I get more than 1,258 people to help pay my repair bill, my kids have agreed to donate the excess money to another family with kids and a minivan with a broken AC.  We'll call it the "Fund for Wayward Minivans".  My kids will feel so proud to be able to help other sweaty little children. If you have such a broken minivan, please  a picture of it, and I'll put you on the waiting list.
 Click here -->

Still have questions?  Ok, I will try to answer some of them--

Q: It looks like you already get paid. Don't you have sponsors for this website?

Yes, I have sponsors (as you can see by all the ads). But they do not pay me enough to fix this air conditioner. Do you think I would resort to panhandling on the Internet if they did?!

Q: How did your kids earn that much allowance money? They sound like a bunch of rich brats!

They actually only have about $20 each in their piggy banks. And I didn't really make them fork it over.  I paid the bill with my credit card if you want to know the truth. I just needed to make it really really clear that I really am a desperate housewife.

Q: Why don't you just roll down the window?

Rolling down the window is not an option. This is Louisiana. Have you seen the size of the bugs we have here?  Do you know what it's like being hit by golf-ball sized June bugs at 75 mph?  Besides, it's a minivan. Only the front windows will roll down. The kids would still be gasping for air in the back, only they would also be inhaling bugs.

Q: But it's not June anymore. You can roll the windows down now.

Some other bug will just take its place. We have a veritable bug-of-the month subscription around here, year round. Yes, even in January! We have bugs every month of the year. Before you start thinking I'm just being a squeemish girly girl, please note that the bugs do not normally bother me, except when they are in my teeth.

Q: Summer will be over in a couple of months. Can't you last until then?

I know it's different in other places,  but there are only two seasons here in the New Orleans area: Summer and Mardi Gras. ...Period.

Q: Why don't you just trade your old van in for a new one?

Because paying the $1,258 bill, is still much cheaper in the long run than taking on new car payments for 3 or 4 years.  Besides, except for the air problem, and a tail light that didn't work once, it's been a very reliable beast. I try to take good care of it, so I expect it to last at least as long as my last dog. 

Q: Are you seriously asking for money?

Yes!  Just send in the dollar (or two) already!  I thank you very sincerely. And my kids thank you too.
Last chance! Click here -->



July 9 ~
WooHoo!! I got my first dollar! I've had this page up less than 24 hours and already reduced my debt by just under a tenth of 1%. Now we only need 1,257 more! Come on people! This ball is rolling!

July 9 ~ 9:47 pm
More news from my friend Nora-- "Count me in for a matching gift.......if you can get 10 people to donate in the next 24 hours, I will match it! "

There you have it folks! 
Click here to double my money! -->

July 22
I have had many people donate, and I cannot thank you enough! . It's not even enough to pay the tax on the bill yet, but every little bit helps

August 18, 2005
Clearly I have a long way to go to reach my goal and pay for my van repair! I'm not giving up!  C'mon folks! Help me out! Thanks! You're the best!!

October 16, 2005
Yowch. Hurricane Katrina came along and gave us a whollop on August 29.  Our home was damaged, but it is all going to be covered by our insurance, so we are thanking our lucky stars and trying to help out some other folks who weren't so lucky.

Thanks anyway for the help that I did get toward my van. I guess I have to count my blessings!!

Latest Update::
June, 2007
At last!  I have replaced the old van!  Check out my new one!!


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