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Mom's Minivan in Media

MomsMinivan has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and even radio shows, including the following:

Parade Magazine
"Summer Fun on the Road"  (July 25, 2010)
Also find it in the article: "Fifteen Ways to Enjoy Your Summer  (Number 6.  Play a New Road Trip Game!)

Real Parenting on C-FAX 1070 radio in Victoria, Canada. 
with Amy Bronee (July 2009)

PBS Parents Expert Q&A
"Saving Money on the Road with Kids"
by Laurel Smith (June 2009)

Washington Post
"Making Drive Time Fly"  (July 1, 2008)

Times Union, Albany New York

New Haven Register
All the way to Omaha: Car travel games still provide miles and miles of fun (July 2, 2008)

PBS Parents Expert Q&A
"Traveling With Children: Are You Having Fun Yet?"
by Laurel Smith (June 2008)

Real Simple Magazine (June 2008)
"Site-See at Home First"  For well-planned trips, make a few quick stops on the Web before getting on the road

Scholastic Magazine - Parent and Child (June 2008)
"Road Trip Unplugged" by Laurel Smith

Retirement Living TV (Jan 2008) was shown on an episode of their show "Retired and Wired" on an  episode, entitled, "Hip With The Kids" which tells seniors about some of the things that their grandchildren are doing with technology and how they can connect with them.  In one segment they talk about traveling with grandchildren and list some resources for seniors to check out.

Scouting Magazine (Mar-Apr 2008)
Family Talk -- "Five tips for creating memorable moments when you travel with children" Find it in the "Family Talk" section of the Mar-April 2008 issue.

Rachael (Dec 15, 2007)
Road Tripping With the Kids

Life Time TV website (Oct 9, 2007)
Organize for a Relaxing Fall Getaway

Radio Disney AM1190, Kansas City, MO.  (November 18, 2007)
While gearing up for Thanksgiving holiday travel, Laurel Smith of Moms Minivan was a guest on Radio Disney to share tips for traveling with kids.

Los Angeles Times  (April 12, 2007)
Web Buzz - How to keep Kids Busy as You Drive. View web Image.

KUTV - Salt Lake City, UT   (June 6, 2007)
"Summer Road Trip Planning On The Net"

Star-Telegram, Fort-Worth, TX (June 19, 2007)
Car Time

Montreal Gazette (May 26, 2007)
Restless children on board 

Around the World Radio.  (Feb 22, 2007)
Laurel Smith of Moms Minivan was a guest on Around the World Radio talk show to share tips from Momsminivan with listeners.

Windsor Now (June 28, 2005)
Laurel Smith of Moms Minivan was a guest on the travel segment of CKLW Windsor, Ontario / Detroit, Mi during a live radio interview with radio host Melanie Deveau

The Detroit News (March 25, 2005)
Kid Stuff

Herald Dispatch (Dec 2004)
Preparing for baby’s first Christmas, long road trip

USA Today (June 11, 2003)
Hot Sites

The Stamford Advocate - Stamford, CT (June 9, 2003)
Getting There is Half The Fun

New York Times
Practical Traveler Column  (May 12, 2002 )
"Not There Yet? Tips for the Road"

Star-Telegram - Dallas Ft.Worth (July 09, 2002)
Car Trips Turning Kids into Game Boys and Girls

The Plain Dealer Cleveland, OH (November 11, 2001)
Taking a holiday from road-trip whining 

Parents magazine
May 2002 issue 

Ask Heloise Radio Show (November 12th, 2002)
Laurel Smith of Moms Minivan was a guest on the Ask Heloise Radio Show to share some great tips about traveling with kids.

KSL Newsradio 1160 Travel Show (October 20th, 2002)
Laurel Smith of Moms Minivan was on the KSL Newsradio 1160 Travel Show in Salt Lake City, Utah during an interview with radio broadcaster Tim Hughes

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