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Nyan Cat Cake
by Laurel Smith

How to make a cake look like the Nyan cat character from youtube. 

If your kids are youtube pop culture crazy, then no doubt they have seen the Nyan Cat on youtube.  At the time of this writing, that video had 58 million hits!  Yeah, I know it's just a cartoon cat flying through space with a poptart for a body and a rainbow for a jetstream. It doesn't do anything else.  The silly repetitive sound it makes, "nyan nyan nyan," is probably why kids like it so much. 

My daughter was making a to make a birthday cake for her cat-loving sister and decided to make it look like the Nyan Cat.  She surprised her with the final product, and it was very well recieved. She recognized it instantly and they burst into the Nyan nyan song. 

The cake was easy to make. She started with a 9x13 cake from a box mix.  She used yellow cake, but you can use any flavor. Then she added some colored frosting. 

She topped it off with a real Pop Tart (or any generic toaster pastry) and some pieces from a bag of rainbow colored Twizzler sticks.  Finally, A few details of frosting for the cat's face, feet, tail and stars finished it off!

And here is a video of our nyan cat cake so you can see it better:

Please share this video with your friends!

No doubt the pop-tart will be the last part of the cake that gets eaten!

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--Laurel (Road Trip Mom)

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