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Toddler Travel Beds - Air Mattress

If you are traveling with an infant or a toddler, a travel bed can be a very useful item to help keep your toddler happy by giving him a comfortable and safe place to sleep. This is true whether you are at a strange hotel room, or using a travel bed at grandma's house. 

There are many kinds of travel beds from which to choose.  You can go with an inflatable air mattress type, or a simple cot, a lightweight play yard, or folding bed rails.

A travel bed is sometimes necessary when your child is too big for a crib, but not big enough for a regular sized bed. 

Several makers of child travel beds and different styles of travel beds are available. Momsminivan recommends the following child and infant travel beds:
Child's Portable Air Mattress Bed
We love this!
This portable travel bed is wonderful for toddlers who are just out of a crib but still need the added security of bed rails - the unique raised edges insure that your little one won't fall out of bed in the night.  Includes: Hands free wireless rechargeable air pump that inflates in only 60 seconds and a multi purpose backpack for portability! 

Dr. Watters Child's Portable air bed is the perfect travel bed for children.  Ideal for taking to Grandma and Grandpa's house, visiting family and friends, hotel rooms, camping or for nap time at daycare centers!  Get it at  Amazon

"Tuck Me In"  Travel Bed
Another version of an inflatable kids air mattress

This child's travel bed has the ability to tuck in the sheets which is good if your little one tends to kick them off.  It does takes a little longer to inflate. 

My Cot --- Portable Travel Bed
 ** Very popular** 

This works like those folding chairs and so it's more of a cot than a mattress. It fits easily into a carry bag and sets up in seconds. It's economical price makes this a popular choice.



Travel Beds for Infants and Toddlers:
BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light
We love this! Super light to carry.

This is a fully portable crib that sets up in seconds, easy to carry, and very comfortable for baby. It features a plush, cozy mattress and a sturdy base that doesn't wobble. You can even remove the fabric for washing!

With 5 stars and over a hundred reviews, this travel crib is clearly the top choice.

Peapod Travel Bed
Super portable!
If you don't want a full sized port-a-crib for your infant, this is your best option. The PeaPod is a wondeful infant/toddler travel bed to keep your baby safe and secure.  It has an inflatable mattress that fits into a zipper pocket, and a pop-up and twist and fold down design so that it is very small and easy to travel with. 

It even fits into a suitcase!


More Child Travel Bed Ideas:
If you would rather skip the kids bed all together and have your child sleep in a regular bed (at the hotel or at grandma's house), then maybe a portable bed rail is an option for you.  It attaches to a regular bed and helps keep your child from rolling out onto the floor. 

See ALL Travel Beds and Play Yards

-- Road Trip Mom


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