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Printable car games | travel gamesFree Printable Car Games & Activities

Be prepared with a few printable travel games to take with you in the car. These are great for kids to play. It's not hard to plan ahead. Here are some direct links to items you can print and play. Stick them in the car and pull them out as a surprise. 


Car Bingo

Car Bingo cards printable and freeHere are two different Car Bingo games. Each has 4 different cards with the items scrambled up. Print enough for each person to have one from each game. Pennies make good card markers, or you can print fresh ones for each trip and check off items with a pencil. They will also fit into a quart sized zipper bag that you can write on with a dry erase marker. You may even want to print these game sheets on cardstock paper and laminate them, so you can keep them in your box of travel goodies so they'll last for several trips. 

There are 8 different bingo cards. Print them individually below, or print ALL the Bingo Cards from a PDF file. The links below open in a new window. Just click the Print button or use your browser print feature.
Printable Car BINGO CARD Roadside Items
Roadside Bingo Card 1
Roadside Bingo Card 2
Roadside Bingo Card 3
Roadside Bingo Card 4
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Printable car Bingo card Vehicles / cars
Car Bingo Card 1
Car Bingo Card 2
Car Bingo Card 3
Car Bingo Card 4
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More Free Printable Car Games:

Lines and Dots Game
How to play Lines and Dots

Print Card 1 (for big kids)
Print Card 2 (for little kids)
image ©2003

Tic Tac Toe
Print this tic-tac-toe page

Travel Scavenger Hunt 
Print the list and hunt for items as you drive. How to Play.
images ©2003
list 1
list 2

Read this article for How to make your own Battleships gameboard If you are having trouble with the images getting cut off, see the printing tips page
extra gameboards

Sing Along Song Lyrics
   Print these silly songs, so you'll know all the words! 
Silly Songs
Pirate Songs

Instructions for String Games
This link takes you to another website where you can print a booklet for the "Introduction to Easy Figures". Print the instructions and throw a ball of yarn into your cargo bag.
Crazy Eights & Old Maid -  Card Game Rules
Teach your kids to play "Old Maid" or "Crazy Eights". Print these 
rules in case you forgot how! Don't forget your deck of cards.
Crazy 8s
License Plate Game
Print this list of 50 states and check them off your list as you find license plates from each one. Or, print a map of the U.S. (PDF file) and color in the states as you see license plates from each one.
Licence Plates

For more license plate fun, check out a fun sticker book called License Plates Across the States. It's full of mazes, puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, trivia, and travel games all about the 50 states! The funnest part is the cool, full-color license plate stickers they can use to play the "license plate game" on the fun United States map that spans the center spread. Or even better is my kids new favorite: Doug & Melissa USA Licence Plate Game

Printable Coloring Pages
Coloring fun for the road. Load your printer with paper and go crazy. Here are some online coloring books to print! [these links go to websites that are not part of Momsminivan.]

Printable Cootie Catcher (Fortune Teller)
Personally I think it's the most fun to make your own cootie catcher.  But some folks like to print a ready-made item. 
With fortunes
Write your own fortunes
images ©2007

Travel Tickets
Print these tickets and give your child a pre-counted baggie at the start of your trip. Every half hour (or every 30 miles) they can turn in one to you. When their tickets are gone, the trip has ended! See more about printable travel tickets! (including black & white images)
images ©2011
Travel tickets
Reward tickets
How Much Farther
Make an interactive model of your vehicle on a trip! Show your child exactly how much ground you've covered, and how much more you have to go! 

Color it and attach it to a ribbon or string inside your car. Slide it along to mark your progress. When you've reached the end of your rope, you made it See more instructions about the How Much Farther car!
images ©2011


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For tons more printable activities, I highly recommend 
Ultimate Road Trip Games

Download this 148 page printable book
A great book --  worth every penny!
Print it as many times as you need!

Road Trip Mom also recommends:

car bingo - travel bingo
Car Bingo!
A Family Travel Classic:
Travel Bingo!
Melissa and Doug
Car Bingo!
An updated version of the classic. 
Interchangeable cards to insert.
No pieces to lose!
Classic Bingo For Travel
Bigger kids love this one.
Magnetic Bingo
Travel Games set
12 Magnetic Games in One
Kids Road Atlas
Kids Activity Travel Book
available at Amazon ages 9-12
Best Travel Book Ever
available at Amazon ages 4-8
Melissa and Doug
License Plate Game!


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Child Travel Tray
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Toddler Travel Bed
Kid's Travel Bed

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Roadtrip Mom Recommends:
Ultimate Road Trip Games!
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It's loaded with printable car games!

Download it now!

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